Tuesday, March 15, 2005

She's Gone!

Well, she was not mine anyways. So why should I be unhappy that the bike I was driving for some time is not with me anymore?

But frankly this bike was starting to grow on me. In fact, she already had, I think. She had taken me for a ride all over Bangalore. Well, not literally though! Alone, sometimes with friends, sometimes with strangers. People changed, but the bike was always there. It was quite an old bike and the age was starting to show. The gearbox and clutch and brakes were giving some trouble. Hopefully now that she's in the owner's hand, she can hope a better treatment for herself. :-) Bless you.

Btw I am doing my annual appraisal today. If I finish it today, I can write a book, "Appraisal for Dummies in 21 hours". And I am sure no one is going to buy it.

signing off,

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