Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Who Is Indian Idol?

What do you need to do to watch Indian Idol on Sony? Go home, switch on the tv, [optional:] get yourself some cotton to stuff in your ears and enjoy!

Indian Idol is clearly a case of bias over talent. What ranked Ravinder Ravi in the top five while denying same for some more talented people? Why people are urging me to bulk SMS for Amit Sana, while I think Abhijeet has better evolved as a singer and performer over all the ten rounds? What makes Aman and Mini to boast whatever Amit does but shun Abhijeet's exploits? What makes the judges to be in favor of Amit clearly sidelining Abhijeet?

It is bias my friend. Even I am biased towards Abhijeet. :-)

But alas, just my thinking is not going to make Abhijeet win this. Amit Sana is going to be first Indian Idol, you like it or not. I do hope that all three toppers work hard on their singing and get ahead, rather than just being Indian Idles, oops Idols.

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